When work gets hard, you need a partner that’s just as tough as you are. Backed by more than 40 years of Suzuki compact truck experience in the harshest environments, the all-new Carry is ready to go to work for you.

Large-size Cargo

Being able to load and haul large pieces of furniture requires lots of cargo space and extra-large loading capacity. More importantly, you need to have convenient access to the bed from all three sides and be able to load and unload without straining your back in the process. These are only a few of the reasons why you need the all-new Carry.

​Large-size Bed

​With a length of 2,565 mm and a width of 1,660 mm, Carry’s large-size bed makes it easy to haul long objects as well as wide ones. And with a height of 1,160 mm to the top of the cab, even tall cargo fits on the bed.

​Low Bed Height

​The bed sits at a low 750 mm height to make loading and unloading easy work. Even with the gate closed, a convenient height of just 1,110 mm makes it easy to access your equipment.

​Extra-large Loading Capacity

​For a work vehicle, large loading capacity is essential. That’s why the all-new Carry can move up to 940 kg, including passengers. And thanks to the full-cab layout, even when fully loaded, Carry provides good weight distribution between the front and rear tyres.

​22 Rope Hooks
​Angle Post
​3-sided Access
​Customizable Chassis

Dependable Toughness

The all-new Carry is built to be tough. Plenty of protection measures against rust and corrosion prepare you for working in severe conditions, while heavy-duty features add to the all-around toughness.

​Rust Protection

​Galvanized steel plates are used for the entire bed to help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally, sealer and undercoating are used in many parts of the underbody, and the stainless-steel exhaust system is rust-resistant.

​High-position Headlamps and Bumper

​The front bumper and headlamps are mounted high off the ground to minimize the risk of damage when driving on rough roads.

​Ramp Breakover Angle

​One of the great advantages of Carry’s full cab layout is the short wheelbase. The ramp breakover angle offers plenty of clearance over obstacles and bumpy roads.

​Heavy-duty Suspension


The McPherson strut front suspension provides good performance while retaining toughness. The suspension frame employs a pillar structure with an L-arm to provide a high level of lateral rigidity.


The leaf-spring, rigid axle rear suspension is rugged enough to handle the extra-large hauling capacity and reduces vertical displacement when fully loaded. The 5-leaf-spring mechanism is placed over the axle housing to provide additional road clearance.

Enhanced Comfort

Though tough and made for hard work, the all-new Carry is also very comfortable. In addition to the large-size cabin and plenty of storage, the all-new Carry comes equipped with convenience features and mechanical advancements to make driving and work more comfortable.

​Ample legroom

​The shift lever is moved from the floor to the dashboard to increase legroom and the full-cab layout also puts the wheelhouse behind the cabin to offer extra legroom for driver and passenger.

​Plenty of Storage

​Compartments in the dash and throughout the cabin offer plenty of convenience for storing documents, receipts and water bottles.

​Air Conditioner
​Electric Power Steering
​Sliding Driver's Seat

Quality Performance

When you choose a work partner, performance is a top priority. Featuring a high-power, high-fuel efficient 1.5-litre engine and advanced safety features such as dual air bags, the all-new Carry will not let you down.

Quality Performance

​An information display in the fashionable meter cluster provides various driving-related information such as fuel economy, outside temperature and driving range.

Carry Pickup
Number of Cylinders
Displacement (cm3)
Maximum output (kW/rpm)
Maximum torque (N・m/rpm)
​Minimum Turning Radius
​Dual Air Bags

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