Nobody But Jimny

There are places in the world only the Jimny can go. Overcome muddy pits, manoeuvre through dense woods, conquer massive rocks with this small off-roader that knows what true toughness is. Chosen time and time again by those who share its spirit. The Jimny — always shaping new frontiers.


Ready to conquer the wild

Built to tackle the harshest weather and terrain, the Jimny goes where other vehicles fear to tread. Take on nature’s challenges. Unleash your spirit of adventure and get ready to explore.

LED headlamps with washers

Take pride in the Jimny's heritage, symbolised by iconic round headlamps. Washers are standard for LED headlamps, allowing confident driving in mud, dirt or snow.

Optimized bumpers

All’s clear for adventure, including angled bumper edges that increase clearance at the wheels for assured climbing over obstacles. Their moulded black material safeguards the body from stone chips and scratches.

Practical drip rail

Let the Jimny take you on your all-weather adventures. The drip rail can keep your head dry and your spirits bright when entering and exiting by helping to prevent water from dripping off the roof.

Stay focused on what matters most

In the Jimny, there’s little to distract you from driving. Its stylish black interior is humble yet handsome, and controls are designed for quick and easy operation even when wearing gloves.

Down-to-earth design

Relish the sheer pleasure of simple, straightforward and sensible design. Colours are minimal. Every detail is thoughtfully and attractively crafted to support serious off-roading.


Pack your gear for adventure

Whether navigating the urban jungle or exploring off the beaten track, the Jimny offers ample space and practical storage to accommodate every need.

Note: Personal items in the photos are shown for illustrative purposes only. Items should be properly secured while driving.

Depend on robust authenticity

Uncompromising features define the Jimny as a serious off-road machine. A robust ladder frame, three ample body angles, 3-link rigid axle suspensions with coil springs and 4WD with a low-range transfer gear. Equipped with a 1.5 litre engine, it takes you wherever you want to go with unrivalled agility and powerful torque when you need it most.

3-Link Rigid Axle Suspension With Coil Spring

Settle for nothing less than full-width rigid axles in both the front and rear, which help the Jimny ensure superior grip on diverse surfaces. When an obstacle pushes one wheel up, the axle presses the other wheel down to increase tyre contact in rough road conditions.

Rigid ladder frame

From the very first generation, the Jimny has always featured a ladder frame that offers a solid foundation for serious off-road performance.


4wd With Low Range Transfer Gear

At your command, the Jimny adapts to every situation. Shift the transfer lever to the 4L mode when the going gets tough for maximum torque and traction. Let ALLGRIP PRO satisfy your adventurous mind with its on and off-road mastery.

Safeguard yourself and others

Safety is a priority whether trekking through the wilderness or commuting in the city. Thanks to the protective advances of Suzuki Safet​y Support*, you can always drive with peace of mind.

​Suzuki Safety Support* 

When moving, the Jimny uses two sensors—a monocular camera and a laser sensor—to determine if there is a risk of collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian. Upon detecting a potential collision, the car acts in any of the following three ways, depending on the situation.

1. Alerts the driver with an audio warning and visual warning.

2. Deploys brake assist to increase braking force if the risk of collision is high and the driver panic brakes.

3. Applies strong automatic braking if the risk of collision increases even more.

Enjoy safer, more relaxing and courteous night driving with this feature designed to automatically switch the headlights between high and low beams depending on the lighting environment and presence of other vehicles*.

*When travelling 40km/h or faster with the headlamp switch in auto position.

After detecting lights of oncoming or preceding vehicle

When oncoming or preceding vehicle no longer present

After a long day, it helps to have some support. If the vehicle is “wandering” due to your drowsiness or fatigue, this system is designed to issue audio and visual warnings to keep you alert,

The Jimny helps you stay on track. Should you unintentionally stray from your lane while driving at high speed, this feature is designed to vibrate the steering wheel and issue a visual warning to encourage safer driving.


Stay calm and informed. When the system detects traffic signs such as speed limit and no passing signs, it shows them on the meter display to help you remember which road signs the car has passed.


*Suzuki Safety Support is Suzuki’s preventative safety technology that helps the driver avoid accidents and supports the driver to have peace of mind during every day driving. Note: There is a limit to the ability of the monocular camera and laser sensor to detect obstacles and lanes, and control the vehicle. Please do not rely on the system: always drive safely. Each function operates in different vehicle speeds and cond


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